r-type cpc.pngThe sheer creativity of indie gaming doesn't necessarily need those shiny, powerful beasts of today to impress. Far from it. Any platform is fair game and that's why the 8-bit scene remains this vibrant, with computers such as the humble and relatively unknown (outside Europe) Amstrad CPC getting new games like the recently released and quite amazing R-Type CPC 128K.

The game, a true technical masterpiece and a pretty excellent shmup, is an aptly named remake (or would that be demake?) of Irem's classic shooter and is obviously free to play, provided you either own an Amstrad CPC 6128 or have downloaded one of those freeware emulator thingies, that is. Just keep in mind that, stunning pixel-art and glorious soundtrack aside, this is one mean take on R-Type -- probably the toughest I've ever played.